Loren Fizer (b. 1997, Houston) is a full time visual artist who specializes in illustration, animation, and design. He currently works out of his studio in Houston where he explores new techniques & plans exciting projects for his company "Forms Fine Arts". Loren also does corporate design assets for individuals and companies in the entertainment industry such as Capitol Records & WastedPotential. He aspires to create meaningful projects and believes that art and creativity allows your mind to broaden exponentially.
Loren explores art and creativity like a riddle. There's always something hiding in between the lines. There's inspiration in every shape and a story in every color. Art has always been present in the home and it was continuously nurtured through music and other forms of communication. 
He's attended both Watkins College Of Art in Nashville, Tennessee and Academy Of Art University in San Francisco, California to sharpen his talents and explore the different mediums he works with in his  professional life.
Loren believes that a creative environment is essential to living. It requires no talent to make yourself open to interesting things. Do not be so quick to dismiss new forms of media that don't align with you. Those works are intended to be just as impactful as anything that has been passionately pieced together. Creativity is a lesson on giving and letting go. That energy will continue to be cycled through out everyone who interacts with your artistic passion.
Loren is currently adding curated physical pieces to his large portfolio and hopes to show in selective contemporary illustration galleries, as well illustrating for digital publications. 
He would love to eventually create a space where he teaches children aged 13-18 about organizing their work and preparing for the professional world they may wish to enter.
You can find interviews and publications about Loren Fizer on these links below.

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